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Times square printing

Fine Art

Incredible reproductions that could pass for originals...move your mouse over the image below

You needn't sacrifice the 'essence' of your art when producing replicas, archiving, or digitising for galleries, museums and buyers. Using large format optics and an intricate process, we capture that character-forming detail, like no other technology can.

Non-interpolated colour and perfect Fine Art lighting

For your art, we employ the most sophisticated technology available, anywhere. Giclee printing from files created by a digital scanning back mounted on a view camera; Betterlight large format optics; dedicated channels to match the whole colour spectrum; and even distribution of natural lighting. In short, our specialists have mastered the art of reproducing art.

Security and accountability

Having upheld the world's highest profile print contracts for decades, we handle high-value products with due diligence. The security of your original piece is safe with us, as its journey throughout our factory is properly supervised. Not only is your work always handled with protective gloves but each reprint is accounted for religiously.

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The big camera

The Big Camera

Even the most modern, professional DSLR cameras are simply not built to capture Fine Art. So instead, we use a 5x4 format camera fitted with a scanning back which enables us to generate a gigantic, uncompressed file in full 48-bit colour. This allows us to digitise your entire piece, without having to stitch multiple images together. With dedicated channels for red, green and blue, we can capture every single pixel possible. A keen eye for even lighting and image handling means you'll see the most accurate carbon-copies possibly achieved - by anyone, anywhere in the world. And that's valuable to your customers.

Call us to discuss your plans, media options and the Fine Art reproduction process. You're also welcome to visit us on-site, to see where and how your collection will be handled.